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Who is counselling for?

Anyone who feels they would benefit from talking to a professional counsellor about their concerns, worries or fears.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by telephone or email on the contact page. We will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet for an initial appointment.

What happens next?

The initial appointment lasts up to 50 minutes. During this appointment we will discuss your reasons for coming to counselling. If we agree counselling may help you, we will then discuss your understanding, expectations and any goals you may want counselling to help you achieve. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The cost of the initial session is reduced to allow you the opportunity to decide if I am the right person for you.

How long do sessions last?

Each further session lasts for 50 minutes. I usually work in 4/6 week blocks and then we will have a review session.  As the expert in the room you can choose how many or how few sessions you need.

What should I expect?

I believe that Counselling is most effective when you, the client, feels totally at ease. I therefore strive to make you feel comfortable and secure throughout the sessions. We will always work at your pace.

As your counsellor I am committed to helping empower you to look at your own processes, to raise your self-awareness and understanding. I will fully support you to explore the options that are available to you to make the life changes you desire.