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One to one

One to one sessions offer you the client the opportunity to explore you worries, concerns, thoughts and feelings. My role here is to help you understand your process, listen and support you. Just having a private, non judgemental space to be heard is often therapeutic in itself. As sessions progress I may offer gentle challenge in order to help you see how things my be perceived differently. During the first initial session we will agree on how we will work together. Sessions are always client led and we work at a pace which is comfortable to you.


Coming for counselling as a couple and/or family can be daunting with potential differences of opinion. I remain non judgemental and impartial as everyone in the family or couple is given the opportunity to be heard. Often couples and families come for counselling because they have a shared goal - they want things to change for the better. We look at how we can work towards making these changes and finding compromise. Often being understood rather than misunderstood is a key part of the process which can lead to more amicable and harmonious relationships.

Skype counselling

In today's modern world with increasingly busy lives Skype sessions offer an alternative to accessing the services of a counsellor. They also have the benefit of taking place wherever you are in the world. After a telephone conversation we will agree a mutually convenient time and day for our session. Skype sessions work very much like face to face counselling as both myself and the client are able to see each other on screen. At the end of the session we will agree a time and date for our next call.

working with Children & Young people

I have over 25 years experience working with children and young people, as a teacher and therapeutically as a counsellor.

I offer play therapy sessions for younger children. Play therapy is a form of counselling that uses play to help children to explore and express their feelings and thoughts in a safe way. This can help children towards better social integration, growth and development, emotional wellbeing and trauma resolution.

I also use a wealth of creative therapies when working with young people and adolescents. This is particularly useful when a young person is struggling to articulate themselves and the therapy often goes ‘beyond words.’

I offer sessions in school whereby I arrange with teaching to staff to visit the young person at school during school hours. I also offer appointments after school and early evening appointments. There is a waiting area for parents/carers.

Working in schools

The DfE state in Counselling in schools : A blueprint for the future’ 2015 :

‘Our strong expectation is that over time all schools should make counselling services available to their pupils…’

I am able to support schools in delivering the DofE recommendations by providing 1-1 counselling in schools to support vulnerable students. Students with improved mental health are able to achieve their potential and attendance is often improved. When working in schools I provide an assessment for a child or young person, including an assessment of risk, to identify an individual counselling pathway and am able to work within a limited time frame. I am experienced in working in schools and am able to work with multiple agencies and attend TAC meetings etc.

In addition to working with individual students I am experience in working with small groups, running well being sessions for classes, organising enrichment activities on improving mental health etc. I am able to create and deliver bespoke sessions to meet the needs of the school, for example working with a small group of students who are struggling to cope due to bereavement/loss, anger issues, improving self esteem and confidence.

Headteachers have a responsibility under Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act (1974) to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their staff. I am able to provide a counselling service for members of staff who may need emotional support.

I provide staff training as part of an inset day/twilight session enhance and educating staff awareness of how they can support vulnerable students, (what to say and what not to say) and how to help alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. Examples include working with and managing students who self-harm.


Motivational speaking

Why hire the services of a motivational speaker at your corpoate event? As well as providing entertainment a motivational speaker can do more than just talk! Hiring a motivational speaker can transform your event from an ordinary occasion to an event that will live long in the memory of everyone involved. Using my knowledge and expertise on all things 'happy' and drawing from my own personal experience I am able to inspire people to become the best version of themselves. I educate on how to be resilient and overcome adversity. I will enthuise and energise your attendee's.

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